The global energy industry is facing an accelerating transition which is impacting on how most sources of energy are supplied and consumed. The energy mix is increasingly incorporating a range of lower carbon sources, driven mainly by a combination of environmental considerations, technological developments, geopolitical pressures and population demographics. Join finance and energy experts to learn about:

  • The challenges and financial solutions that will facilitate the development of the future energy mix
  • The impact the changing global energy scene is having on financing low carbon energy (morning session)
  • The effect this transition is having on financing of fossil-based resources (afternoon session)

The symposium will address these key questions:

  • What is the impact on the economics of the traditional oil and gas business?
  • How are strategies for long term investment changing?
  • What financing challenges are different segments of the energy industry facing?
  • What innovative and cost-effective sources of equity and debt finance are emerging?
  • What will drive investment decisions energy banks, multi-lateral agencies and institutional investors make?
  • What role will new groups of lenders such as activist investment funds, private investors and sovereign wealth funds play in supporting future financing?
  • What challenges will traditional oil and gas investments face against competition for finance from new energies?

This event will be of particular interest to:

  • Finance directors and senior finance personnel
  • Corporate finance heads
  • Treasury managers
  • Geoscientists, engineers, project managers
  • Risk and insurance specialists
  • Oil and gas asset managers
  • Energy bankers
  • Project finance managers
  • Legal advisers
  • Associates and senior associates in firms with project finance transaction capability
  • Technical advisors to lenders

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